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A Nutritious Bowl of Protein and Vegetables at Teriyaki Experience

Enjoy a Protein Bowl at a Teriyaki Experience near you. This on-trend premium protein and vegetable bowl is a no-carb meal.

According to a 2016 survey, 450 dietitians noted that more consumers are gravitating toward plant-based protein sources to meet daily requirements.

The addition of cashews and protein-rich vegetables topped by choice of beef, chicken, prawns, tofu or salmon means a nutrition-packed dish. The low-sodium Teriyaki Experience sauce adds a health-conscious, flavourful finisher to the meal.

Trendy weight loss diets, Paleolithic-inspired patterns, and celebrities sharing their own health and fitness regimens have helped propel the demand for little-to-no carb and protein-rich meals.

Fresh vegetables, meats and meat alternatives cooked before guests’ eyes – a delicious, nutritious, no-carb meal.


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